The charming Singing and Piano Studio offers comfort, flexibility, amenities and technology. The Studio is located in Pimlico, only a 6 minutes walk from Pimlico Tube Station. 

About me

Victor Sgarbi is a highly skilled and dedicated music professional and tutor, whose passion for teaching has been evident since his teenage years. Over time, he has developed his own unique teaching methodology, which is crafted to ensure maximum efficiency, effectiveness and longevity for each student. His classes are thoughtfully curated, providing an unparalleled educational experience tailored to individual's needs. His teaching style has given him an exceptional reputation, as evidenced by the glowing feedback from his students. 

Whether students prefer remote or face-to-face lessons, Victor is well-equipped to provide exceptional instruction at his studio or other convenient locations. With his solid knowledge and many years of experience, he can assist learners of all levels, from beginners to experienced performers looking to refine their skills.

For those interested in MPB, jazz, or pop music, Victor is a valuable resource. He is skilled in teaching the appropriate vocal techniques that will help students improve their skills and enhance their performances, whilst perfecting their Portuguese pronunciation. 

Additionally, his professional singer's page is also very worth checking. 

With Victor Sgarbi as a mentor, learners are certain to obtain exceptional results.

Singing Lessons (all stages, all ages) 

Piano Tuition (Beginners up to Grade 4)

Centrally located, only a 6 min walk from Pimlico Tube Station